The Haiti that is perceived in this image is not the Haiti that is a reality for most.

Allow me to create a composition of the perfect photographic exposure in your minds of what many of the people who are living there are currently captive in…

Fumes of smoke fill the air from the pollution of cars, trash burning, and people creating flames to cook what they barely have…. CLICK

A massive amount of people walking the streets without shoes …Infants without clothes clinging to their mothers with hunger in their eyes…CLICK


Four pieces of wood mended together just to create a shelter to keep the raindrops from falling on one’s face…CLICK


Rivers that were once filled with rushing waters are now a gathering place for trash to meet and goats to eat on the scrapes…CLICK

You see the images that are portrayed were not the reality of what I was able to see…and so I ask myself…What happened to the relief?

What I experienced in Haiti was beyond belief. Granted not all of Haiti is this way. However, there is a lot of poverty and no signs of enough help. It broke my heart to see that these people are still living in poverty. Merci Jesus!