Why These 4 Afro Tips & Tricks Will Change Your Natural Hairstyling Game


Debra Bazile

Debra is a natural hair blogger who loves traveling, eating cupcakes, and all things makeup.She is in the pursuit of turning her love for blogging into a full time career. She wants everyone to know that they are gorgeous and can have beautiful natural hair on a budget.



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“I like big fros and I can not lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when a girl walks in with her afro in shape and curls up in her face
You get sprung! “
(Sir Mix A-Lot)

I love big hair. You know, the kind of hair that makes heads turn. Afro vibes that give you a sense of pride as you’re walking down the street. That’s my kind of hair; the bouncy, vibrant, kinky curly coily me type of hair. But let’s be honest, my hair doesn’t turn out big and fluffy all of the time. Once you factor in the Miami heat, the possibilities of my hair not being completely dry, and any other elements you can think of…sometimes the results can be a hit or miss. This is why I created this post. See, I’m trying to look out for you because I don’t want you to go through what I used to go through. I want you to have bomb hair results each and every time. I’m going to let you in on 4 tricks I use to achieve the perfect fro. They have been game changers for me and I believe that they can make a difference for you too.

I get it. You’re probably saying my hair doesn’t coil out like that. I mean no guarantees, but what if it could? Would you be up for it? I think I may be able to help you out on this one.

Stretch Your Hair

I love the saying, “The bigger the hair, the harder they stare” because it’s true. I love the positive attention my hair gets when I’m walking down the street. Okay okay, I love getting attention period. Are you happy now? I confessed it. GOOD VIBES ONLY.

In order to get a big voluminous fro, you should stretch your hair. Now, there are multiple ways you can do this. You can rock braids like Felicia for a few days to get your hair to stretch without heat (I highly recommend this method if you’re not a fan of putting heat on your hair), or you can take a blow dryer and stretch out your curls using heat. I flip flop between both methods. It’s totally up to you! The goal is to get your hair to give you some lead way for when you get ready to style it.

But Debra what if I don’t want to stretch my hair? Can I still achieve a big fro on wet hair? Yes you can! I’m going to play both sides of the fence here though. You can still achieve a flawless afro on wet hair. However, how big your fro becomes will depend on how fierce you are with an afro pick. By not stretching your hair, you’ll give shrinkage a full stage to shine on. Your fro may not be as big as it could be if you would stretch your hair. You will experience shrinkage since you styled it while wet. However, your curls will still be cute and defined but your fro may not be as BIG. Just do yourself a favor sis and rock the Felicia braids for a day or two. It will give you the desired look you want to achieve. You want big fluffy hair right? Trust me, just stretch your curls out a little bit. I got you!

Use The Right Products

Let me let you in on a little secret. Using the right products to create any hairstyle is a game changer when it comes to natural hair. I prefer to use mousse when flat twisting my hair. I used to use gel when creating my fluffy fro but I discovered that using mousse produces better results. It’s easier to manipulate the hair if you use a mousse. Now don’t get it twisted, I still use hair gels, but I only use gels for styles that I know I won’t be manipulating afterward.

A good mousse will leave your hair shining, defined, and soft. Jane Carter Solutions has a Twist – Out Foam that is the business. I used this mousse for the first time and the results surprised me. My flat twist spiraled in a uniform way, and my hair bounced around as if I was jumping in a bounce house. The big kid in me was thrilled at the results. The best part was that a little bit of this styling foam went a long way. I don’t know about you, but I love when I can buy a product and not have to use that much.

Flat Twisting Direction

In order for your afro to be full, you have to flat twist your hair in the RIGHT direction. I achieve my full fro by flat twisting my hair clockwise. I have flat twist going north, south, east, and west! Flat twisting your hair using this method will make all the difference in the world. Why? Well think about it, flat twisting your hair in a clockwise manner will create a pivotal point in the center of your crown. I call this the focal point. It’s the play area where all of your curls will meet once you unravel them. Using this method will disperse your curls out evenly on your head, creating that perfect afro shape we all love.

Now, you can flat twist your hair in any direction you like. Maybe you want your curls to fall more on one side than the other, that’s cool too. It just depends on how you want your fro to look. So play around with the directions of your flat twist. Remember, it’s your style and your preference.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry

Nothing will make a naturalista scream more than unraveling her twist only to discover that her hair is still wet. AHHHH! When it comes to making sure that your afro turns out to be the bomb, you must secure the bag. Make sure that your flat twists are completely dry before unraveling or else you will experience some hair consequences. If you risk taking your hair out before time then your curls may become victim to looking puffy. You may be able to get away with the “Puff the Magic Dragon” hair on day one, but the goal is to rock this natural hairstyle for a few days. By ensuring that your hair is completely dry, you can rest assured that your afro will last throughout the week. I mean unless you want to do your hair all day every day (insert Kanye shrug). I’m just not about that life so I leave my flat twist in until I know they are dry.

I hope these simple tips and tricks work for you. My goal is to always share what works for me because it may also work for you too. In the meantime, check out my latest video and comment about how this could possibly work for you. If you have any bomb afro tips and tricks let me know by leaving a comment down below. Don’t leave me in the dark, share and share alike. Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Curls

Debra B.

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