I’m a product junkie. There is no shame in my game. When I see a new line of hair care products specifically for the kinky bunch I just have to try them.

Don’t act like you haven’t been there too.

Scrolling through your Instagram wondering if that one product would work for you…mmm hmm.

If you’ve ever done that then you’ll understand why I just had to try the new Genesis Hair Care Collection.

I discovered the collection on Instagram. I saw the way one of the client’s curls transformed from kinky to curly. I thought to myself that there was no way my hair could do that… WRONG! I reached out to the CEO Tajuana Hammonds who assured me that my curls could pop too. Ya’ll know the product junkie in me lit up!

This phenomenal hair care line is specifically designed with the 4C curly girl in mind. It stimulates our hair follicles and gets our curls popping. Genesis Hair Care Collection is packed with flavor.No seriously, this entire line smells so good that you’ll want to eat a delicious treat. Each product is infused with a light scent of something that will ignite your taste buds. The shampoo will leave your hair cleansed and smelling like chocolate.The sweet potato souffle will make your taste buds skip a beat while defining your curls.

These quality products will give you the look that you need. Treat your curls to something good by clicking the link below.


Peace, Love, and Curls