Natural hairstyles don’t have to be complex… I mean they can be but they don’t have to be… Does that make sense?

In other words, just K.I.S.S. your curls …

A simple two strand twist out with perm rods on the end can be a great curly girl go to style.

In this style, I  washed my hair with Kinky Curly’s Come Clean and detangled it with the Kinky Curly’s Knot Today leave in conditioner.

I twisted my hair while wet without adding any additional products. I  twisted it down to about an inch away from the tips and rolled it the rest of the way. I allowed my hair to air dry throughout the day and when it was time for bed I rocked my rollers to sleep.


The next morning I applied a little oil to my hair and took down my twist.

I separated the curls until my hair was full and fluffy. I can’t seem to get enough of this big beautiful cotton ball look. The best part about it all was that it was simple to execute.

Life can be complicated but your natural hair doesn’t have to be…keep it super simple.

Peace, Love, and Curls 

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