Say hello to Templar…

This beautiful bombshell has transitioned from rocking a relaxer to embracing her natural tresses. The decision of going natural was not an easy one. Trust me I know…I have had the privilege to go along for the ride and experience each step with her because…well she’s my cousin…*SMILES*

What made you go natural? 

I had Senegalese Twist installed once and the breakage from the twist was ridiculous. I knew it was time for a change.

How did you transition into being natural?

I opted to transition by allowing my hair to grow out to a length I was comfortable with. I’m sorry folks but I just could not do the BIG CHOP. For those of you who can may, the force is with you.

(Drops the mic as she whips and Nae Nae’s off the stage)

Describe your TWA using three words.

Well, I would describe my TWA as sassy, unruly and gorgeous. I’m truly a mixed chick. My hair has various textures that derive from my different nationalities.

What is the highlight of your natural hair journey so far?…besides you freaking out when I cut out your relaxed hair …hehe

Self-Acceptance. I have learned to embrace and love every natural inch of me from the inside out.