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What happens when a bunch of Miami naturalistas gather together?

You get tons of giggles and an endless good time.

The Natural Hair Brunch Affair Miami was nothing less than a fabulous way to spend a Sunday. I met so many beautiful women with all types of hair textures. The event took place at the Deco Drive highly recommended restaurant American Social. The food was delicious. My taste buds jumped at the sight of the plates, but if you don’t believe me just scroll down and let your mouth water.

The lovely ladies of Natural Hair Does Care conducted a Q&A session that addressed many frequently asked questions.

They also did a live demonstration of how to pineapple your hair at night. The pineapple method is designed to protect your hairstyle as you sleep and slumber…or toss and turn like I often do.

Do you love goodies? I know I do! Each person received a goodie bag filled with the entire Lottabody Coconut Collection. Listen…when I tell you these bags were heavy…honey they were heavy. The goodie bags were like the ultimate natural hair Christmas present before Christmas.

Oh…I forgot to mention that they had giveaways in between conversations as well…tons of them… 

The thing that I loved the most about their giveaways was that every lady went home with something.  We were all winners!

I had an amazing time mixing and mingling. This experience gave me an opportunity to share my natural hair journey while making new friends.

I’m not sure how to sum up this natural hair event except to say that you don’t want to miss the next one.

Peace,Love,and Curls

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