“Oh, girl I love your hair! Is that your real hair? ” asked the cashier at the PDQ

“Yes, girl…it’s real…real synthetic… Honey this is a wig”, I replied

We both burst out into laughter…

Have you ever watched a YouTube wig video? Then got inspired and thought that you should do it too. Am I the only one?

After watching multiple YouTube videos I would purchase a wig, rock it for a day, and then toss it in the closet.I used to feel funny knowing that there was something on my head that didn’t quite belong to me…let alone look realistic. Obviously– I no longer feel that way.I am proud to announce that I’ve found the wig for me. The two of us have joined together as one. Meet my new best friend Antonia. Antonia is a half wig by Outre.I love her! I loved her from the moment I attached the combs in my hair. I honestly kept playing with this wig in the mirror. The hair looks realistic and it is super soft. I purchased this wig on www.sistawigs.com for just $13.99.
Now don’t get it twisted, I still have love for my natural hair but it was time for a change.It’s only so many two strand twist my little arms can take.This wig serves as an awesome protective style.

The great part about it all is that I can take this baby off and still rock my fro. I will be adding a video on my Youtube channel to show you all how I put her on so stay tuned.


Peace, Love, and Curls

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