We all want the long flowing natural hair…blah blah blah…but what is long flowing hair that isn’t healthy?


I took the scissors to my natural hair by myself once upon a time.I wanted to give myself a trim. BAD IDEA! So…this time around I went to the hair salon. Baby some things you just have to leave to the professionals.


I initially went to the salon just to trim my ends but felt the urge to do something different, so I cut my fro into a shape. My phenomenal stylist Anne Marie cut it into layers. Now, I’ve never been afraid of sheers and their snipping capabilities so I informed her to cut as much as she needed to. To my surprise, she had no problem in adhering to my request because cutting is what she loves to do. (chuckles) My new look is shorter in the back with lots of height and length towards the front.Honey, when I tell you she whipped my hair into the shape she whipped it into shape.

We flat twisted my hair and set it on rods. I rocked the flat twist underneath a wig and beanie for two days until the weekend showed its face. I really wanted my flat twist to settle in so that when I unleashed my curls there was some true definition.

I absolutely love the new look. It makes me feel grown and sexy. If you are ever in the Dade or Broward area be sure to check out Runway Kinks.

Now don’t get it twisted, I do want my hair to be long and flowing down my back one day but I want it to be in the right way. I’m all about having healthy beautiful hair these days. The keyword in the previous sentence was healthy just in case you missed it. As I go on this new healthy hair kick I hope you will journey along with me.

How are you maintaining healthy natural hair? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

Peace, Love, and Curls