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Debra Bazile

Debra is a natural hair blogger who loves traveling, eating cupcakes, and all things makeup.She is in the pursuit of turning her love for blogging into a full time career. She wants everyone to know that they are gorgeous and can have beautiful natural hair on a budget.



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Have you ever walked into a room of fabulous women and felt that you were surrounded by greatness?

Well…Visualize that times ten…

The TRUE Love Hair Affair event was an opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the greatest movers and shakers of natural hair and fashion in South Florida. Last night I felt like I was amongst friends, a huge part of that being because I was.

As a blogger, I’m constantly following people on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You can only imagine my enthusiasm as I got a chance to meet some of these talented bloggers in person.  Among these lovely ladies tonight was Victoria . It was funny because we were talking and as soon as we were about to exchange Instagram handles we realized we were already following each other. How awesome is that?

The cocktails were flowing and the gourmet appetizers were traveling at such a rapid pace. The soulful sounds of April Raquel filled my ears as I glided across the room dancing and conversing.

Several of South Florida’s hair styling gurus were also in the building.

Jamila Rose, her fabulous curlfriend, and I discussed the importance of trimming your ends.  She is all about promoting healthy hair growth at the Maggie Rose Hair Salon . Her theory of trimming every two to three months is essential for healthy hair growth.

Simone Hilton of Natural Trensetters brought out her team loc’d and loaded. Simone showed us how to maximize the most of your natural hair style with her fusion of locs and fashion.

The highlight of my evening though was meeting T.Bernie of True by Made Beautiful.If you’ve ever been in her presence then you’d know how fabulous this woman is. I nervously waited to introduce myself only to find out that she already knew who I was. *GASP* I asked to take a photo with her and she didn’t hesitate to offer her smile.

The entire night was immaculate. All I can say is that you don’t want to miss the next major event.

Peace,Love,and Curls

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