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Debra Bazile

Debra is a natural hair blogger who loves traveling, eating cupcakes, and all things makeup.She is in the pursuit of turning her love for blogging into a full time career. She wants everyone to know that they are gorgeous and can have beautiful natural hair on a budget.




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We as women are shifters and shapers.

We cultivate the lives of those in our midst.

We empower others to be their best.

We hold the pieces to a puzzle and put it back together again and again.


You never know how important your life is until you are given the platform to share your story. I’ve always been so hesitant to share my experiences because I was afraid of what people thought.On this particular day I was standing before this large crowd of beautiful women and thinking to myself alright this is it. They had no clue that once upon a time I had struggled with confidence, loving myself, embracing my hair, and accepting who I was.The only thing they saw standing before them was this radiant woman polished like fine silver.

I shared my natural hair journey with the women at the conference. I told them the flat out truth about myself.It amazed me that other people in the audience had the same issues. After a while women all throughout the room began to admit certain truths about themselves from their flaws to the things that they loved. It was a life changing experience not only for me but for everyone that was present.

It was amazing to witness how God had put all of these women in a room for such a time as this. We laughed hysterically about our kinks and coils. We chuckled at our hair woes and product addictions.We ignited new friendships and uplifted one another in confidence.We built a bond of trust amongst ourselves in a matter of minutes.


Thank you Suzie G for the opportunity to be a part of the conference.A larger than life thank you to all of my family and friends who came out to support me. Thank you to all of the women who allowed themselves to be vulnerable during the interactive hair talk.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to the conference in 2017.

Never forget that you’re beautiful.


Words To The Wise: Real women support other women. 



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