3 Fascinating Reasons to Visit Aruba

There are two speeds in Aruba, slow and stop.
Aruba is the perfect place to slow down and relax.
Just ask the locals. 

The hustle and bustle of the real world comes to a slow halt when you land on this exotic island.

Why Aruba?

Your girl needed a break. When I tell you I was stressed, y’all I was stressed. Work was kicking my butt and my life was on a rollercoaster.

I knew I wanted to be in a place where I could just chill and relax. Someplace exotic and away from the noise. Then I said to myself, “Aruba.”

Sure Aruba is known for it’s couple getaways, but it’s home to many singles as well. The sunsets are beautiful and the tranquility of the beach is a bonus.

Flights are cheap if you go during the off season, and hotels can be a steal if you book around the time of your stay. Oh, by the way, I strongly recommend staying at the Hilton. The amenities are everything.

What To Do In Aruba?

Eat Well

Have fun and eat well. No seriously, just have fun and enjoy the tides. 

BIBA DUSHI is a local saying which means “living a sweet life.” And believe me, life is sweet in Aruba.

Fun Fact: I like to eat. 

While on vacation I enjoy letting my tastebuds run wild. Aruba had a few spots that were hit or miss with my tastebuds, I won’t lie, but I did find two places that were worth mentioning. 

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience or just good food period, then you must visit Madam Janette’s. The service is incredible but the spoon to mouth ratio is king. 

But don’t just take my word for it, scroll back up and check out the Le Filet Mignon “Gianni Versace” pictured above one more time. Just reminiscing on this meal makes my mouth water. 

For desert, you have to visit the Gelatissimo for their creamy gelatto. This tasty ice cream spot is located all across the island, so it shouldn’t be too hard to miss. 


Enjoy The Beach Life

The beach is where most of the fun takes place. You can participate in water sports or grab an umbrella and lay in the sun. 

I for one, took full advantage of everything the beach scene had to offer. While soaking up the sun, my inner child decided that she wanted to come out and play.

I allowed my imagination to run wild and built a sandcastle on the shore.

Who knew that building a sandcastle could be therapeutic? 

Watch The Sunset

I also laid around to see one of the most breathtaking things in the world, the sunset. As the day began to settle into the night the sun slowly faded into the sky above the clear blue waters. It was a sight to behold.

If you are a person who enjoys sunsets, then you have to visit Aruba. It is known around the world for its magnificent sunsets. 

Aruba is a great place to reset. It was exactly what I needed.

Where do you go to get away and relax? 

Share the deets below in the comment section.

Peace, Love, and Curls

Debra B.

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